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How usable is WordPress? (Part V – Conclusions from the Cognitive Walkthrough

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Building off the last post that lists the actual data of the Cognitive Walkthrough comparing WordPress, Blogger, and TypePad, some conclusions:

  • WordPress is likely to be a bit confusing and possibly overwhelming to new bloggers. However, it is the most scalable and does have the most functionality that is arranged from a dashboard setting.
  • Users who will progress quickly to the “perpetual intermediate” stage – likely those who blog often – may find it hard to use Blogger as the interface only allows for so many modifications and links to a google account page that is not within the blog’s framework.
  • Small fixes to the WordPress interface could make it easier for novice users and new learners to use.
  • On the whole, hosted blogging software is likely to be learned quickly and is relatively easy to use for people wishing to publish online with little or no technical knowledge.

Next week I’ll be doing a user test with a user who has never used WordPress nor’s interface before; and then in the following weeks will be suggesting actual concrete improvements to help improve’s functionality.

See you soon in Part VI – The User Test.

This post is part of the ten-part series called Is WordPress Usable?

The series documents my learning process in attempting to systematically identify usability problems in, and suggest improvements to, the blogging software as might be done in the emerging field of User Experience.  This project was undertaken as part of LIS590IIL, a class held in the Graduate School of Library and Informaton Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois during Fall of 2009.


Written by nicolibrarian

November 5, 2009 at 5:37 am

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