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Dorothea Salo, over on her blog, posts tidbits from her Delicious library. (Don’t know Delicious? See this fantastic CommonCraft video.)

Since I’ve been a Salo fan since reading her article Innkeeper at the Roach Motel, I thought it a worthy concept to emulate. Not to mention my friend Crystal, who at one point had 90 open tabs in Firefox – she wouldn’t close tabs with stuff she wanted to read. Oi! Here’s to reviewing the highlights of my delicious feed weekly, and spending time reading some of the yumminess online:

  • Stephen Few wrote an interesting blog post about how skills in statistics and analytics are going to be so essential in our overly-information-saturated-world. The post emerges from the keynote addresses he and Malcolm Gladwell (whose work I adore) gave at the SAS Innovator’s summit. Darn it, I should have paid more attention in statistics class, and hooray! There’s hopefully a good future for those of us nerds interested in analytics.
  • Usability First has job listings in the the usability field. Do you know of a better resource?
  • There’s good content at the Gomoll Research and Design site for budding UX and usability folks. There could be more content on their blog, but it’s interesting stuff and they seem to do interesting work nonetheless. This is there commercial/marketing site, but some good, albeit brief, case studies can be found there, too.
  • I started learning about Computer Supported Cooperative Work in my oft-mentioned-and-much-loved Interfaces to Information Systems class. The Wikipedia entry seems to be a good overview of CSCW. My professor made a very interesting comment in class about it – that so often we think of HCI as one person and one computer; yet an awful lot of computer usage is in support of working with other people, and often we use computers with other people. Is the research on interface design/interaction design working with this idea, or off a model of one person, one computer? Something to chew on this week.

That’s all for now – hope you, too, have a delicious Friday!


Written by nicolibrarian

November 6, 2009 at 10:15 pm

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