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Delicious Friday – Links to Devour

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The roundup of delicious things for this Friday (all can be found at my delicious):

  • Did you know Firefox is 5 years old? Happy, happy, FF!
  • I heard about the Season of Usability for the first time from Paula Bach. Here’s looking forward to their 2010 session!
  • This shouldn’t be surprising, but an awful lot of library users don’t understand library terminology. So here are some Library Terms that Users Understand – particularly interesting for library Web site staff – designers, developers, etc.
  • A jolly something that makes me smile: the Help Desk and Instructional Technology and Design group at my grad program, GSLIS, has a blog with the best. name. ever. See Swearing is Caring.
  • And finally, on the topic of delicious things, and yes, this is gratuitous, from the Boston Big Picture:

    Tiny hippo

    Yes, carrot-sized


Written by nicolibrarian

November 13, 2009 at 11:28 pm

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