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On staying on top of social media + personal branding basics

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I’m by no means a pro on what it means to manage your personal brand online. Yet I can’t help but think how important it is to be cognizant and actively attempting to keep up with how the online world sees you. I was chatting with a fellow-librarian friend about blogging, and she mentioned that she had:

  • A blogger account
  • A tumblr blog
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • A wedding blog from her recent wedding
  • A joint blog with her husband
  • An old website
  • Two livejournal accounts
  • A deviantart account (which I had never heard of)
  • A goodreads account

And that she had others she’d deleted on LinkedIn, LibraryThing, MySpace, etc.

I think this is pretty common for people who’ve been dabbling with the web and trying to find appropriate and manageable ways to be interacting, publishing, sharing, and creating online. And I won’t deny that my blood quickens with anxiety when I think of my own list of social media outposts.

To slay the dragon, I find myself turning time and time again to Chris Brogan’s (free!) e-Book on Personal Branding.   The ten-cent tour, as filtered through my brain:

  • You may not think of yourself as a brand. You may not like thinking of yourself as such. But there may come a time that you will – and after all, if you don’t manage the information that’s online about you, nobody will. Take some time to think about how you want your reputation to exist online.
  • Be authentic. Branding <> being something you’re not.
  • What are you inputs and outputs? Take some time to notice them (like the list my friend made above) and consider if this is what you want. Take action accordingly.
  • Learn how to listen, communication, share, and build community online. These things are not the same (and yet not entirely different) than they are in real life. And Chris will help you in all these areas.
  • Don’t fear failure, and don’t miss out on what you can learn from failing in public.
  • Managing your reputation online is work – it can be good, fun, easy work, but it requires effort. Chris will help show you ways to make it as painless and fruitful as possible.

Really, that’s just the tip of the ice berg. Did I mention it is FREE, a mere 15 pages long, and amazing? Go read it now.


Written by nicolibrarian

January 28, 2010 at 11:09 am